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CORNET F1 Hybrid Onion - Suitable for both dry and wet climates

Producing varieties that solve growers challenges through innovative research and development

Continental Seeds as a leading vegetable seeds provider, is geared towards introducing varieties that answers challenges facing growers with regards to pests, diseases and climate. 

Continental Seeds endeavors to releasing varieties resistance to pests and diseases that can withstand drought e.g. CORNET F1 hybrid onion. We continues to experiment, check, evaluate varieties in different regions. In our product development department we continue to see how varieties perform in different locations. We provide farmers with critical information from our research to allow them choose the RIGHT seeds for their respective Agro-ecological zones. In focus we have Cornet F1 hybrid onion, a vigorous variety from Continental Sees that can withstand both dry and wet climatical conditions.

Watch an experimental video below recently done by our Product Research and Development team and learn more about why this variety is becoming one of the most sort product by growers across the globe.