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Crop Remark: Strong determinate open pollinated variety with good adaptability to various growing regions. Medium maturing vigorous plant with good standing against yellowing. Firm medium large fruits ideal for both fresh market and processing. Long shelf life (21- 28 days)
Growing Region: Low medium attitudes
Cultivation: Ideal for open field production
Seed Rate/Acre: 37gms
Approx seeds/gm: 302seeds
Spacing: 60*60cm
Growth Habit: Determinate
 Crop Architecture: Closed canopy with Jointed pedicel
 Days to harvest: 65-70 days after transplanting
 Harvest period:  5-9 months
 Fruit shape: Firm high round fruits with falt blossom end Fruit Weight
 Fruit weight (g): 116g
 Yield potential: 12 - 17 tons/acre
 High resistance: Tomato Yellow Leaf curl Virus(TYLCV), Fusarium wilt (F-
1,2), Bacterial wilt ,Nematodes (m.incognita/++), Tomato
Mosaic Virus(ToMV) and Stemphyllium.
Intermediate resistance: Verticillium wilt
Available pack sizes: Kadogo, 100seeds, 300seeds, 2.5g, 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g
Usage: Eaten raw as a garnish for salads and appetizers, sliced
thinly for sandwiches, or added to various pasta, meat, and
vegetable dishes. They are also used in soups, stews, and
sauces. Processed into jam, paste, puree
Health Benefits: Rich in  Vitamins C, K and Ascorbic acid, sources of folate, minerals such potassium, magnesium. Has antioxidants and anti-inflamatory, helps to reduce cholestral level