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Mustard Spinach Giant Curled

Crop Remark: A standard high yielding variety with broad dark green leaves that have a soft and tender texture when cooked. Wider harvest period ideal for all-year round production. Notable tolerance to light frost.
Mode of pollination: Open Pollinated
Growing areas:
Low to high altitudes
Seed rate/acre:
500 g
Approx. seeds/gm:
50 seeds
(30 -45) cm x 30 cm
Plant growth habit:
Non- heading, tall plant (45 - 65 cm) with erect leaf attitude and growing points starting at lower part of a short stem
50 - 60 days after transplanting
Leaf shape:
Broad elliptic with medium acute apex
Leaf blistering:
Leaf Colour:
Dark green crumpled leaves with broad, white stem
Average leaf weight per plant:
700 - 800 g
Yield Potential:
10 - 12 tons /acre
Bolting Tendency:
High bolting tolerance
Notable field resistance to fusarium yellow and black rot diseases
Head texture: Firm and crisp
Diseases:  Notable field resistance to Fusarium yellow and leaf spot disease
Usage: Lightly sauteed in oil until tender, flavored with onion and seasoned with salt. Can be served either as main accompaniments or as a side dish with preferred meat
Health benefits:
Rich in vitamins  A which strengthens the eyes, Vit C for body cell repair and skin smoothening, fiber that aid in digestion and lower cholestrol levels
Available pack sizes: Kadogo (5g), 10g, 25g, 50g, 100g, 250g, 500g