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SPINNER F1 Hybrid Collard

Crop Remark: Large dark green vigorous leafy variety ideal for cooking due to it's tender quality and excellent taste. Notable tolerance to Diamond Back Moth (DBM) and light frost. Longer harvest period. Ideal for growing year round across all ecological zones.
Mode of Pollination: Cross Pollination
Growing areas:
Low to High attitudes
Seed rate/acre:
150 g
Approx. seeds/gm:
230 seeds
45x 45 cm or 45 x 30 cm
Growth habit:
Non-heading with semi-erect leaf attitude and growing points starting at lower part of short stem
40 - 50 days after transplanting
Leaf Shape:
Obovate  with broadly round apex
Leaf blistering:
Very weak
Leaf Color:
Dark green entire leaf type
Average leaf weight per plant:
0.7 - 1 kg
Yield potential:
20 -25 tons /acre
Bolting Tendancy:
High bolting tolerance
Notable field resistance to Ring spot, Fusarium yellow and Black rot diseases
Usage: Lightly sauteed in oil until tender, flavored with onion and seasoned with salt. Cab be served either as main accompaniments or as a side dish with preferred meat.
Health Benefits:
Rich in vitamins A which strengthens the eyes, Vitamin C for body cell repair and skin smoothening, fiber that aid in digestion and lower cholestrol levels
Available pack sizes: Kadogo(100 seeds),2.5g  5g, 10g, 25g, 50g,100g, 250g