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ROSSY F1 Hybrid Cabbage

Crop Remark: Vigorous purple / red medium to large cabbage with high bolting resistance and low head splitting tendency.
Cultivation: Open field
Growing areas:
Low to high altitudes
Seed rate/acre:
100 g
Approx. seeds/gm:
300 seeds
45 cm * 45 cm or 45 cm * 30 cm
Growth habit:
Shortened non-branching stem terminating in leafy head
Days to Harvest:
60 - 80 days after transplanting
Head Shape:
Large round head
Head Weight:
2 - 3 kg at 60 days maturity and 3.5 - 4.5 kg at 80 days maturity
Head Solidity/Firmness:
Very compact head with short core length
Yield Potential:
40 - 60 tons / acre
High tolerance against Diamond Back Moth
Notable resistance to black rot, fusarium yellows and Ring spots
Eaten raw, cooked and used in many culinary dishes; salads, soups, stew, slaws
Health Benefits:
Rich in vitamins C & K, anti-inflammatory, improves digestion, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol level, rich in nutrients; fiber, potassium, carbs
Available pack sizes: Kadogo(100 seeds), 5g, 10g, 25g, 50g,100g, 250g